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He was one of 3 older puppies you had left over from a litter that wasn't sold.

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They are inclined to be careful around infants or toddlers and can be great playmates for older children.

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We feel that the deliberate production of “Golden Doodles” profoundly violates that trust.

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A long, narrow or blockhead is a fault. Ears Set moderately flat against head and should be level with eye. Leather should be of medium thickness, when gently drawn forward should reach the top canine tooth. Ear leather reaching beyond the tip of the nose is considered a server fault. Ear canal should be free of excessive hair and not thick or bulbous. When inquisitive or alert the ear should rise to the top of the head. However, they do not tend to be noisy.

f1b miniature goldendoodle utah

, English bulldogs, boxers, and pugs, Siberian huskies with endocrine problems, for example. It's not a cheap problem — Americans spend billions on veterinary care for their pets, and while it's not all due to inbreeding issues, a lot is. It's no wonder that some breeders and customers have been making cross breeds such as the goldendoodle golden retriever poodle cross or the cockapoo cocker spaniel poodle cross more popular. There are certainly means of dealing with the morbidity issues in purebred dogs. One solution of course is increasing the within breed genetic diversity, perhaps by bringing in unrelated or less related dogs of the same breed and/or cross breeding with other breeds. And with respect to the specific diseases that many purebreds carry, isolating suspect genes and replacing them with other versions either from the same or different breeds could provide a clear benefit.